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Welcome to PREMIER Firearms Training!

​PREMIER Firearms Training, located in Charleston, SC, provides a variety of handgun training options for all skill levels. Whether you are an individual looking to apply for your concealed weapons permit or you who would like to take a course in advanced pistol defense, we have a class for you.  There are group classes, private classes and individual sessions available, so please contact us today to schedule your training!

Charleston Concealed Weapons Permit Class
Charleston Advanced Handgun Training
Charleston CWP Class
Individual Pistol Training

About PREMIER Firearms Training

PREMIER Firearms Training, located in Charleston, SC, is owned and operated by Ryan Gammons, a former FBI Agent and SWAT Operator. Ryan is currently a SLED and NRA Certified Instructor. PREMIER Firearms Training emphasizes small class sizes and individual instruction in order to maximize the learning potential of their students.  Training is often held in students homes and firearms qualification is typically done at ATP Gunshop and Range, although various other options are available. If you have specific training requests, please call and we would be happy to accommodate your requests.


Tel: 843-636-5678


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